Build Back Better Brings Print Customers

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This is not a political post. It’s a financial one for design, print, and marketing pros.

At the end of 2020, the United States Construction Industry was valued at $1.36 Trillion Dollars. Even with the pandemic, private residential and non-residential construction had record-breaking figures.

Up until 2020, the construction industry employed more than seven million people. In 2021 supply chain and workforce issues made construction more expensive and unpredictable in length. If you know anyone who may have started redoing something last year, they may be reflecting on that decision, now.

ENTER THE BUILD BACK BETTER BILL. You know, building infrastructure. And building infrastructure requires structure which requires construction and viola’ – we move up the list from being the 39th country in the world in terms of infrastructure investments, and the US charges the paddles, yells “clear,” zaps some life into the construction industry and into print and marketing, design, mailing, packaging, signage, promotional items and of course, more.

If you saw any of my presentations about new business development in 2021, I hope you took my advice and started learning about the design, print, and marketing needed by construction companies, and how they submit bids to cities and states – literally. Is it a package? A binder? Branded presentation materials?

And don’t forget about all the people that can receive print and marketing in a multitude of forms. Construction workers need tools, protective gear, rain gear, winter and summer work clothes, and boots. They need a place local place to get coffee and an egg sandwich on the way to the site and a place to get a beer after a hard day building housing and hospitals, repairing bridges and roads… building buildings that need tenants, who need print and marketing to grow their business – and a place to get coffee and an egg sandwich before they get to work, and a place after to have a beer. Expand outward from there. It’s endless.

Now let’s talk GREEN. The Build Back Better Bill invests the US in clean energy. INVESTS. Everyone wants a return on their investment. The subject will be topical, and that brings eco-consultants for buildings and companies. Electric vehicles will reboot the automotive industry and since all of this technology is new, educational, sales and marketing materials are required. Did you see the Superbowl commercials – we are already underway and it will only get bigger! Solar panel education, marketing sales plus installation, and more. All these people need print and marketing. Expand outward from there!

I can go on and on. But I won’t.

If you want in on this action, we need our representatives – Red and Blue – to vote YES. If your color won’t vote yes, vote for someone who will. We need to get on the same page to move forward. Red and Blue came together to help the USPS they can do it again to help designers, printers, and marketers get back to prospecting for new customers, get back to getting paid, get workers to work for us – and at the ports and on the roads, and get back to building back our businesses… better than ever.

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