The Perfect Partnership: Collaboration Between Printers and Designers

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In the world of printing and design, collaboration is key. From business cards to banners, brochures to billboards, the collaboration between printers and designers each bringing their unique skill sets to the table is a crucial element in producing high-quality print materials that stand out in a competitive market.

Now, I realize that this concept is not new. I also know that sometimes getting the conversation started with designers can be tricky; they don’t respond, they may take an offer to collaborate as a sales tactic, they may see it as upselling, and so on. But since this is truly a “let me help you get better results and bang for your buck” conversation, I am providing some content around it.

I hope printers share it with designers and provide a personal note about a specific project that significantly benefitted from creative collaboration, and what those benefits were. Also, feel free to repurpose and post the info below on your site. Just link back to in some manner, please.

I also hope designers and print buyers take the benefits I’ve provided below to heart and start collaborating upfront with their print service providers. Improved printed materials, improved results, and stronger partner relationships benefit everyone – including the clients of designers and the recipients of the printed materials.


Here are 5 ways the collaboration between printers and designers can lead to extraordinary creative and business results.

Innovation and Creativity. Printers and designers have different perspectives and expertise. Designers are skilled in creating visually appealing and impactful designs, while printers possess technical knowledge about print materials, techniques, and limitations for bringing them to life. When printers and designers collaborate, they can push the boundaries of creativity and innovation and create award-winning materials.

Cost-Effective Solutions. Printers can provide valuable input on cost-effective printing methods, materials, and finishes that can help designers achieve their vision within budget constraints. By working together, printers and designers can strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and price that meets creative and budgetary requirements – no matter what the project is.

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Efficiency and Timesaving. Printers can offer technical guidance on design files, including resolution, color mode, bleed, and trim. They can also ensure that the files are print-ready and can be processed smoothly without delays. Designers can also consult with printers early in the design process to understand printing specs and processes to avoid potential design issues. This collaborative approach can save time and effort. It can also eliminate the need for multiple revisions or reprints and ensure that the print materials are produced on time and accurately.

Attention to Detail. Printers can be invaluable in ensuring that print materials manifest as intended. They can spot potential issues such as font sizes that are too small, images that are not high-resolution, or colors that may not print accurately. By collaborating with printers, designers can be preemptively proactive to avoid a printing disaster. This also ensures that the final printed materials are what they expected.

Enhanced Communication. Consistent, collaborative communication allows printers and designers to discuss concepts, material choices, and printing techniques upfront. This helps to align expectations, address issues, and find solutions during the project. Collaborative communication fosters a strong working relationship between printers and designers, leading to more successful outcomes and an enhanced customer experience.

The next time you embark on a print design project or get a call to quote one, remember the power of partnership and the results it can bring – for everyone!

Collaboration between printers and designers is a vital component in producing outstanding print materials and has NEVER been more important. Whether print customers are new, have been with printers for decades, or are somewhere in between, getting into a collaborative relationship is the key to customer loyalty, longevity, and success.

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  1. Excellent points, thank you. Would like to add that the collaboration becomes even more important when it comes to packaging, or POP/POS display jobs. We’ve got a structural designer involved here – different kind of artist. Good three-party collaboration is essential if you aim high.