Navigating the New Year: Setting Intentional Goals for Lasting Success

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The start of a new year often brings a chorus of “New Year, New You” mantras, emphasizing the importance of setting intentional goals and personal transformation. While it’s great to have goals, we also often hear that people can hit mid-January feeling worse. Perhaps they’ve missed their goal line or struggled to add those good […]

5 Tips to Combat Post-Holiday Work Blues for Organizational Productivity

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The new year is meant to be a time of renewed purpose and energy but, in reality, it can be overwhelming catching up with all the things we didn’t want to deal with in December. Organizational productivity and goal setting can quickly get pushed to the side. I’m hearing that the post-holiday readjustment period seems […]

Two Great Resources That Help Your Direct Mail Stand Out

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It’s no secret that direct mail has been an effective marketing channel for decades. While the twenty-first century saw the rise of digital marketing, digital variable data printing technology allowed extreme segmentation and personalization of direct mail. Large investments were made in technologies that integrate direct mail into digital marketing programs saw much investment in […]

A Hybrid World: Print and Extended Reality

extended reality and print marketing

Well, we’re not together again just yet. Who else is nostalgic for the naivety of spring, when we thought the situation might be short-lived? Now we’re in autumn, and I think many of us are a bit more pragmatic about the short-term and long-term impact of the pandemic. I have written before about how COVID-19 […]

Print With a WOW at Dscoop with Design Strategist Vicki Strull

We only have eight seconds to catch someone’s attention. Still with me? In this Podcast from the Printerverse episode, Deborah speaks to Vicki Strull, Design Strategist and Brand Visionary at Vicki Strull Consulting, at the Dscoop Edge event in Orlando. She shares some interesting insights and statistics that provide some food for thought on the […]

Profitable Print Relationships with Print Champion Matthew Parker

This PMC podcast travels over to my side of the pond to hear from Matthew Parker, print consultant and founder of the website Matthew was a print buyer himself for 20 years, working for a variety of organisations before striking out on his own on the consultancy side. Now, he uses his inside knowledge […]

Building a Better Print Business with Dawn Olson, Konica Minolta


At the InPrint USA show in Louisville, Kentucky, Deborah spoke to Dawn Olson, Director of Production Print/Industrial Print Client Business Development at Konica Minolta Business Solutions. Dawn delivered the first keynote presentation of the educational programme at InPrint USA in April, in which she talked about business development for clients in industrial and production print […]

When it Comes to Email Marketing, Set a Date With Customers

calendar based email marketing

Email marketing falls into two basic categories: calendar-based or behavior based. Calendar based emails are sent based on your marketing calendar and are not triggered by a particular behavior. Examples of calendar-based emails include: Email newsletter Marketing campaign leading up to an event or after an event Seasonal promotions and weekly offers Sometimes these emails […]

Project Peacock Print Fair; A One-Night Only Pop-Up Event for Print Customers and Printers

The Printerverse – Print Media Centr (PMC) is expanding Project Peacock by taking it beyond the conference rooms of ad agencies and in-house marketing departments and bringing it to intimate event spaces, around the US. Project Peacock, a traveling show-and-tell created by Deborah Corn, the Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse at Print Media Centr, began […]

Project Peacock Peeks: Applications with Canon Solutions America

Canon Solutions America Project Peacock Peeks

See some of the print possibilities with inkjet presses from Canon Solutions America. Step up your print marketing game… Peacock Long and Prosper! *********************************** Connect with Canon Solutions America: Request print samples from Canon Solutions America: *********************************** Project Peacock is produced by Print Media Centr. Connect with the Printerverse: Project Peacock Peeks […]

How to Invest in Marketing for Short and Long Term Results

How to Invest in Marketing

When you or your clients plan how to spend marketing dollars a decision needs to be made whether to spend for short-term results or long-term results. If most, or all, of the marketing budget, is spent on short-term results you’re being reactive and you’ll need to continually spend to get the same results. If investments […]

Color Management: The Intersection of Technology and Intent

Color Management-print media centr

The Printerverse at Print 18 was a resounding success. Our panels, interviews and events were attended by almost 2000 print pros, with a few hundred more watching from home around the planet via YouTube and Facebook. More than 6000 minutes of programming was watched live. If you missed any of our broadcasts the replays are here […]