Investing in Your Career is an Investment in You

blue image of a professional women to illustrate Investing in Your Career is an Investment in You

Hello, and Happy Women’s History Month. Wait, wait wait… keep reading.. This blog is for EVERYONE. March is the month we connect to the women in our lives, in history and culture. Those who created and contributed to the world as we know it. In honor of this month, I want to elevate the idea […]

Why You Must Hang Out With Smart People In the Print Industry and Life

a brain in a multicolor background brain power

No matter where we are in our print careers and life, we must cultivate a large circle of smart people as colleagues and friends. Most of us have tight relationships with just a tidy handful of trusted, smart people. However, strategically, it’s essential to find and hang out with a variety of smart people – […]

drupa next age: Platform for Networking and New Business

dna drupa dna drupa dna 2024 drupa print media centr deborah corn

  The special area drupa next age (dna) sets the scene for newcomers and young talents from the print and packaging sector in a targeted manner. With Deborah Corn and Frank Tueckmantel, drupa has enlisted two strong partners with longstanding industry expertise for organizing and designing this show-in-show for cross-sectional technologies.     Big ideas, small […]

How to Respond to Questions About Sexism in the Printing Industry

Caution Tape danger sexism in printing industry

With just a few minutes before the first, women-only panel discussion on the main stage of Dscoop ended, the audience at Edge St. Louis was asked if they had any questions. The mic goes out to the audience, a gentleman stands up. With what I interpreted as a mixture of nerves, uncertainty, and a splash […]

How to Help Overworked Print Customers Buy From You

overworked employee in dark office

Making print sales isn’t easy these days. Supply chain issues are disrupting the process and the ability to promise everything will be ok with 100% certainty. This situation can make even the most seasoned print customers nervous especially if they work as a print producer at advertising agencies, brands, or corporations that plan their print […]

2022 CMYK Manifesto: Know, Show, Do, Share

an image of the cmyk color specrtum with a black backgound

This annual post has traditionally focused on what is in front of us in order to help customers generate business results with print. While there is still some uncertainty when it comes to planning meetings and events and when/if there will be a return to offices, we can control getting best prepared for whatever 2022 […]

Being a Better You is a Marketing Advantage

self improvement for business advantages print media centr

How do you create the kind of business that people want to work for, sell for, and advocate for? You have to start with people.  In my experience, when my clients work on improving themselves, the ripple effect creates a distinct marketing advantage for the business — including the ability to market to potential employees […]

How to Win a Gold Medal for Company Culture

how to improve your company culture to attract gen-z workers

If you watched any of the ‘2020’ Olympics you may have drawn the same conclusion that I did… the world has really changed. I am not referring to adjusting for Covid, I am speaking about humans – more specifically humans in their mid 20’s and younger… Gen-Z. For 17 days the Gen-Z athletes showed us […]

Hybrid Marketing Teams Are Here and They’re Hot

how can hybrid marketing teams help my business

Marketing departments in printing businesses are being disrupted. Today’s employees have been adjusting and adapting on the fly. Many have been deployed elsewhere during the pandemic. Most marketing people I talk to are carrying multiple roles within the company. They’re covering for other employees who need flexible time off, or they’re pivoting to address urgent […]

Five of the Best Ways to Be a TERRIBLE BOSS and Tank Sales

how to succeed with a bad boss

We’ve all probably had one or more. Some of us have probably even been one at one or more points in our careers. You might even have one or be one right now…  A TERRIBLE BOSS. But if you’ve never had one, or been one, and you have put it on your bucket list for […]

The Future of Work, the Future of Print

what will work look like in the future

How do you define the ‘print industry?’ To borrow a lyric from The Sound of Music, how do you catch a cloud and pin it down? So vast is its context and so far-reaching is its impact, exploring the future of work in relation to the print industry has its challenges. The long-term effects on […]