Being a Better You is a Marketing Advantage

How do you create the kind of business that people want to work for, sell for, and advocate for? You have to start with people. 

In my experience, when my clients work on improving themselves, the ripple effect creates a distinct marketing advantage for the business — including the ability to market to potential employees and attract the best people.

Conversely, if you can’t attract good people to work for you, that’s a problem.

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“I can’t hire good salespeople,” a printer told me recently. “Can you come over and do an assessment?” 

I toured his facility. He had beautiful equipment, well maintained, just right for their print jobs.

That was not the problem.

I looked at the quality of the work they were producing. 

That was not the problem. 

I met his employees. 

They were not the problem.

I looked at his employment and compensation packages.

Not the problem. 

When you can’t attract good quality people there’s only one place to look — and that’s in the mirror. 

To attract the best, you have to be the best. 

You have to be the kind of person people are proud to work for. You have to lead without being a micromanager or a slacker. You have to be respectful and professional. You have to believe in human potential to be able to hire for it and nurture it,  

You have to be willing to grow and improve — so everyone around you can grow and improve. 

I’ve written about how some printers are not willing to invest in their businesses to grow. Unfortunately, many are not willing to invest in themselves, personally, either. 

This is the truth and reality of business today, and we’re seeing it with the Great Resignation. 

It boils down to this:

Your ability to surround yourself with good people will impact your business in many ways. It will help you increase your marketing reach because people will want to help you succeed. It will help you attract the best customers who will want to associate with you. It will help you hire the best employees who will be motivated to stay with you. It will help you strive to continue to improve because you will see the fruits of your efforts. 

Whether you’re a decades-long owner of a printing company or just starting your career in the graphic arts, this is the truth about what it means to be truly successful in business. We’re shifting to a new definition of business success that revolves around values, honesty, kindness, and community. It starts with being the kind of person others are inspired to work for, be around, and go to bat for. 

Start by taking a deep look at the quality of your character. Look at your integrity, leadership, compassion, the information you consume, and the openness of your mind. Curate who you listen to. Learn from and be inspired by people of good character.

Choose people who aim high for you, for themselves, and for the world. 

Don’t worry. You can still be true to yourself – just be the very best version of yourself. The version you’ve always imagined you could be.

Invest in this process now, and you’ll have a lifetime of ROI. That’s an investment worth making. 

How are you investing in yourself to improve your career or your business? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to read more posts from Sandy here 

Sandy Hubbard is a relentless advocate for the power of print. As a Marketing Strategist and Consultant, she helps printers develop strong cross-channel marketing programs that catch the attention of new customers. You can find @sandyhubbard every Wednesday co-hosting #PrintChat.



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