Four Behavior-Based Email Marketing Tactics

behavior based email marketing

Last month I discussed calendar based emails, which is sending emails when you want to send them. These calendar-based emails might be a newsletter sent at a regular schedule or a campaign when you want to market an event. While you may target part of your audience to increase your chance of the message being […]

When it Comes to Email Marketing, Set a Date With Customers

calendar based email marketing

Email marketing falls into two basic categories: calendar-based or behavior based. Calendar based emails are sent based on your marketing calendar and are not triggered by a particular behavior. Examples of calendar-based emails include: Email newsletter Marketing campaign leading up to an event or after an event Seasonal promotions and weekly offers Sometimes these emails […]

2019 Direct Mail Marketing Forecast: Seek and Google Shall Find

direct mail prediction for 2019

It’s that time of the year. Predictions abound about what technologies will take off, which will nudge their way closer to extinction, and how to benefit from all these changes. Every forecaster has their own strategy for making predictions. You can go on a wild flyer and claim brilliance if it happens to come true. […]

How to Invest in Marketing for Short and Long Term Results

How to Invest in Marketing

When you or your clients plan how to spend marketing dollars a decision needs to be made whether to spend for short-term results or long-term results. If most, or all, of the marketing budget, is spent on short-term results you’re being reactive and you’ll need to continually spend to get the same results. If investments […]

5 Things Every Printer Needs to Know About Marketing Automation

5 things every printer should know about marketing automation

  Marketing automation has been a hot topic for years, so why should you care now? Forrester predicts that industry growth for marketing automation platforms will continue at a rapid rate, reaching $25.1 billion annually by 2023 from $11.4 billion last year. (Source: MarTech Today) This growth is fueled by increased penetration, particularly in mid-sized […]