2022 Packaging Wrap Up

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It’s hard to believe the year is almost over! Here’s a quick recap of the exciting packaging topics covered this year. Overall, several interesting packaging topics were covered in 2022. The blog series began the year with the topic of fast-food packaging. The very nature of the fast-food industry puts a spotlight on packaging. All […]

AutoPack Summit 2022 Recap: Reuse, Return, Reunite

a brown image of automotive packaging

Usually, this blog covers packaging from a print and digital perspective. This month, the blog is dedicated to automotive packaging and will give a quick recap of the Auto Pack Summit held in Greenville, SC this year from September 7 to September 9, 2022. Print lovers may believe packaging is great because its main purpose […]

Print Samples Sell Packaging

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The hot topic this year is packaging and all of the things you can do with it. It’s the most common billboard available and it isn’t used to its full capability. Think about it, every package can carry a logo and a tagline, but what about an invitation to buy an adjacent product? What about […]

5 New Business Development Takeaways from KushCon Tampa

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On August 6th, I attended KushCon Tampa with Will Crabtree – aka #WillThePrinter, co-host of the PrinterChat series on Podcasts from the Printerverse and owner of Tampa Printer, Gorilla Gurus and Sign Parrot, and Jim Cox, General Manager of Tampa Printer. KushCon is billed as a Hemp & Wellness Expo. There were tons of CBD […]

Navigating Sustainability for Embellished Packaging

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Have you ever wondered what you or your customers can do with your decorated, embellished packaging and printed materials post-use? Once you really start digging into the topic, it becomes apparent that the word ‘sustainable’ has many meanings. It seems as if the rules for sustainable packaging are constantly changing and it is so very […]

Sustainable Packaging Needs Warrant Digital Printing Solutions

sustainable packaging solutions and digital printing

Sustainability is one of the hottest topics in the world of packaging today. Companies proactively seek ways to define sustainability, outline targets, and develop sustainable packaging to meet their objectives. The packaging industry is predicted to surpass $230 Billion by the year 2030. Meanwhile, companies are pressured to meet sustainability goals. Packaging is very visible, […]

Paper Shortages and the Impact of Digital Print in Packaging

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Everyone seems to be talking about supply chain issues and the paper shortage right now. Though the shortage is centered in Europe, this is having a worldwide impact. As a packaging professional keeping up with supply chain issues over the last two years, this round of shortages is a bit different. I would compare the […]

BYOB – Beverage Packaging Gets Personal

beverage packaging

It is estimated that the global digital print market for packaging will reach $28 billion by 2024. This segment has grown by leaps and bounds over the last ten years. Packaged beverages have been a significant driver of growth. Beverage manufacturers made digital printing one of the standard printing processes in the packaging industry. As […]

A Time Travelers Guide to Digital Printed Packaging

an image of packaging throughout history

Digital printing is all the rage, we hear about it often in the packaging industry. How did we get here? Currently, there are over 25,000 companies in the United States alone that specialize in commercial printing, and just under 10,000 of those companies have digital print capabilities. The global digital print industry is valued at […]

Back to The Future with Fast-Food Packaging

red and purple fast food packaging

Fast-food packaging is near and dear to my heart since my first job. I joined the packaging team of a fast-food chain packaging supplier after college and learned so many things about what was referred to as environmentally friendly at that time. Since then, it has been important to me to follow trends and changes […]

Xmas Xcess: A Holiday Guide to Packaging and Waste Management

a guide to holiday packaging and waste management print media centr

People are very conscientious about recycling packaging & waste on a daily basis, why not keep the momentum of sustainability going during this season of festivities? Think of the complete lifecycle, from beginning to end as you make holiday decisions and keep sustainability in mind. There are many actions you can take while going to […]

Can History and Innovation of Soup Packaging

history of the soup can _ print media centr

As the holiday season approaches and the weather cools off, people gravitate toward warm comfort foods like soup. What does comfort food like soup have to do with packaging?  Believe it or not, the history of soup and its commercialization goes hand in hand with packaging. Military History Canned foods were first used on a […]