Packaging Design Meets Graphic Design

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Startups juggle many things when launching products. It is a combination of taking care of business and a labor of love to make sure every detail is just right. While there is a great deal of excitement around tweaking the product, finding customers, marketing, and getting distribution channels, it is tempting to push packaging to […]

The Intersection of Branding and Packaging

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Packaging is designed to contain, protect, and transport products.  Packaging provides a fourth purpose – to inform the consumer.  The information on a package can be a deciding factor during the 7 seconds an average consumer spends to make a purchase decision.  Approximately 70% of shoppers are influenced by packaging to some extent.  The package […]

Project Peacock: A Resource Playground for Printers and Creatives

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These days good information is increasingly difficult to come by. Unless you already know what you’re looking for, you may have to dig through a few google pages to find the “right” information.  Sure, my keywords will get me towards what I need…but after filtering through all the sponsored information and the various blogs that […]

Print Samples: Let’s Play with Playing Cards!

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When was the last time you played with a deck of cards? Real cards, not the online solitaire version?  Over the last couple of years, I’ve found myself with decks of cards in my hands – real ones – that aren’t the traditional hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs, but instead are decks for learning and […]

Paper vs. Plastic: 2021 Post-Pandemic Trends

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The most recent drive towards sustainability motivated many companies to rethink packaging.  Popular brands scrutinize the carbon footprints of their products.  Packaging received so much attention during the Pandemic that Forbes Designated 2021 – The Year of the Package. The quest for the most sustainable packaging includes reviews to reduce the environmental impact.  The goal […]

The ABCs of Packaging Design

ABCs of Packaging Design for Printing Success

Here are some tips I want to share to ensure you have the best packaging for your product. The buzz around sustainability, online shopping, shortages sparked by COVID-19, and the unboxing experience means that packaging has received a lot of attention lately. These quick tips are grouped to focus on aspects that emphasize the importance […]

E-Commerce Packaging – Past, Present and Future

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Past Catalog sales existed in the mid-1600s for seed and book sales, by the last half of the 1800s, mail-order businesses were well established in Europe. Trains shipped products to distant customers in barrels, bins, and boxes. Companies such as Tiffany’s, Sears, and Montgomery Ward were early leaders in catalog sales in the United States […]

Print Samples: Unboxing Packaging for Subscriptions

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There is nothing like getting a box in the mail, opening it, and discovering what’s inside. Whether you ordered something for yourself, received a gift, or stocked up on shampoo, there is still excitement in opening a box. Some companies get that and create an experience for their customers. At our house, we see BarkBox […]

Where are You on the Sustainable Packaging Spectrum?

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The Pandemic of 2020 brought awareness to sustainable packaging. Sustainability may be a new concept to the average person; however, in the print and packaging industry, this has been a high priority for decades. A series of events drove the evolution towards sustainable packaging. Initially, trash was simply buried, burned, or dumped. Packaging waste increased […]

Subscription Boxes – It’s More Than Just a Box…

Subscription Boxes are More Than Just a Box

In the past year, subscription boxes have become a leading trend in the online shopping industry. The largest eCommerce companies carved out a $10 billion market in 2019, according to McKinsey.  Subscription services were already gaining popularity, however, growth exploded in 2020 due to the increase in online shopping driven by the pandemic. According to […]

Print Samples: 19 Crimes Taught Us AR with Story

How did 19 Crimes use Augmented Reality

When you have really great Australian wine to bring to market you face some challenges. Australian vineyards produce a pantheon of fabulous wines. To get noticed in the market you need a great story, and that is where the combination of great wine, an Augmented Reality platform, and some amazing storytelling came together, and 19 […]