Paper vs. Plastic: 2021 Post-Pandemic Trends

post pandemic trends paper vs plastic 2021 print media centr

The most recent drive towards sustainability motivated many companies to rethink packaging.  Popular brands scrutinize the carbon footprints of their products.  Packaging received so much attention during the Pandemic that Forbes Designated 2021 – The Year of the Package. The quest for the most sustainable packaging includes reviews to reduce the environmental impact.  The goal […]

Print Samples: Menus Make a Difference!

print samples of menus for restaurants

One of the early segments of PrintSampleTV featured an important marriage of content and paper embodied in a restaurant menus. Full disclosure! Our family owns three restaurants and because we are also in the print industry, we wanted to balance our needs with what might be new and interesting. When we create the segment called […]

Print, Design, and Cities of the Future

Walking around my neighbourhood has been very strange for a while now, and I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it. I live right in the heart of my city (Bristol in the UK), which is usually bustling with people in the bars, restaurants and cafés, especially at this time of year. But since […]

The Omnichannel Generation – How Young People are Getting Social With Print

Has anyone checked their Screen Time report on their phone lately? I was deeply shamed by my iPhone this week. I’d like to say it was all long-form journalism and educational podcasts, but to be honest, too much of it is pointless scrolling through social media thanks to lockdown-induced boredom. I love being at home […]

Print With a WOW at Dscoop with Design Strategist Vicki Strull

We only have eight seconds to catch someone’s attention. Still with me? In this Podcast from the Printerverse episode, Deborah speaks to Vicki Strull, Design Strategist and Brand Visionary at Vicki Strull Consulting, at the Dscoop Edge event in Orlando. She shares some interesting insights and statistics that provide some food for thought on the […]

The Sad Truth About Paper Options and the Paper Supply Chain

I AM MAD AS HELL AND I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE.. and I am not alone! At a recent event I attended, a panel represented by 5 paper mills and 1 merchant heard from a vocal crowd of printers who were less than thrilled with the current state of the paper supply chain. I am […]

Project Peacock Rides into Dallas for One Night of Texas-Sized Printspiration for Print Customers and Printers on June 27th

The Printerverse – May 29, 2019 – Print Media Centr’s show-and-tell event, Project Peacock Print Fair, will be held at Brake and Clutch Warehouse in Dallas, Texas on June 27, continuing the mission to showcase the new possibilities for print marketing through innovative printing technology and techniques, in a unique and impactful setting. Following the success of the […]

6 Affordable Ways to Achieve Luxury in Print with Ashley Maydak, Domtar Paper


We all enjoy a little luxury, especially at an affordable price. Ashley Maydak, Brand Marketing Manager at Domtar Paper, explains in this Podcast from the Printerverse episode why there’s no reason it should be confined to the likes of spa vouchers and not apply to the paper we use in our print projects. As Ashley […]

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