[Infographic] How 3D Printing Will Revolutionize The Classroom

Im not sure that “revolutionize” is the fair term to use based on the examples they give for classroom uses for 3D print, but those objects could certainly enhance the learning experience and take it to another level. The 3D print info is worth a read… I didn’t know you could use stainless steel as […]

Does Your Added Value Proposition Include Worthwhile Content?

Take a look at this cool, and very scary Infographic. This is your online attention competition in real-time. Watch it for 10 seconds and see how many tweets, posts, pins, shares, likes, purchases, videos, check-in’s, searches and so on occur. Does your content stand out as the “thing” to click on? Or are you clogging […]

[infographic] Which Social Networks And Posts Work Best For B2B?

I found this infographic on webpronews. It was created using information from The Social Media Benchmarking Report produced by B2B Marketing in association with Circle Research, and is available for sale. Most of the below reiterates what those of us in the social space already know – LinkedIn is where you go to do business, video […]

Is Taking Work From HELL To HELL YEAH Really Possible?

With some dramatic accompaniment courtesy of Mother Nature, the thunder claps and lightning flashes outside my window this morning are providing the perfect atmosphere for writing about the WORK HELL some of us experience, or have experienced during our careers. I have read this infographic from AtTask a few times and I am a bit concerned that most […]

[infographic] The Five Most Dangerous Creative Productivity Myths – BUSTED!

Our friends at AtTask have produced a series of cool infographics I’ll be sharing here and there. I started with this one because it’s something I am currently being challenged with – TIME MANAGEMENT! #4 in particular strikes a chord. I have to admit then when I worked in Ad Agencies project management tools and […]

[infographic] Responsive Web Design: Hope Or Hype?

Last February I lead a panel titled “Building The Bridge From Print To Digital Through Design” at Graphics of The Americas 2013. The panelists were (with their titles at the time): Jorge Suria President, Hooah Interactive Communications, Penny Stamp Design Manager,  Element LLC/Freelance Designer, and Chad Chelius Instructor, Author, Consultant at American Graphics Institute. It didn’t take long before my questions moved to responsive design […]

20 Marketing Stats To Consider For 2014 [infographic]

Some pretty compelling reasons to have on online marketing strategy for your business in this infographic by WebDAM – especially related to sharing content, participation on social media, and using video. If you are actively visiting PMC you probably know this already, but since the stats show the more people are visual learners – pass […]

Consumers Chime In On Why Direct Mail Still Matters

The Drum posted this infographic last week with some commentary you can see here. My only comment is why are we still saying “still” as though we STILL need to convince people that print isn’t going anywhere. I think we need to get off that message point and move on! We spend an awful lot […]

How To Write A Killer Customer Case Study [infographic]

Thanks to the fine people over at Daily Infographic for posting this. It’s pretty self explanatory – so only thing I am going to add is – Do you create case studies at your company? Has it helped with new business?

10 Examples of ROI in Social Media

Now that Social Media has been around for a minute, people are getting the handle on what is marketing, what is community building, and why both matter in growing an audience. With more ROI data becoming available from those willing to share, it is still important to keep in mind there is no magic wand […]