No Brainers for Mobile Marketing with QR Codes – From a Teenager!

And now, a few poignant words of advice from Sandy Hubbard’s son… and PMC’s teenaged “man on the street!” No Brainers for Mobile Marketing with QR Codes by guest blogger Ben Rutter   QR codes are not a novelty. They are an established way to tie print material to mobile and online sites. And yet, we […]

Budweiser Extends Happy Hour With QR Code Campaign

This is from Y&R Ecuador and launched in May 2012. It’s making the rounds in the US now.  The premise – kinda cool – if you want more hours to your HAPPY HOUR buy a Bud, scan the QR code and add 1 minute to the BUDCLOCK. Do the math, 20 scans, adds 20 mins […]

QR Code Scans Skyrocket in Q2 2012

What I would love to know is whether or not the “Scanners” would scan again, how many of the accounted for scans were “new scanners” vs people who already scan, and of course if the new mobile pricing plans will impact whether or not these scanners would scan in the first place… Sure, Im happy […]

Top QR Code Uses So Far in 2012

Im sharing this because it’s nice to see the USPS receive a positive shout-out for a change. Regarding the author’s other picks, it’s interesting to note two of the remaining four are packaging based executions. Perhaps you can judge a campaign by its cover. Top QR Code Uses So Far in 2012 by Julie Campbell Though […]

Coffee Chain Creates Location Based Interactive Newspaper Ads

Simple. Added Value. Caffeine. The trifecta of optimum conditions for ROI. Coffee Chain Creates Location Based Interactive Newspaper Ads Scannable barcodes allow readers to find their nearest Cafe Joe to their current coordinates. By Yi Chen Cafe Joe is one of the biggest coffee chains in Israel, and has recently launched an interactive advertisement in local […]

Will Verizon’s New Data Pricing Be The Real QR Killer?

Beware of the new threat in town… MOBILE DATA PLANS!  In the new pricing structure, a consumer can choose to pay MORE for a super-sized data plan and life goes on for them as normal.  If they choose a tiered option, then they pay for the amount of data they will access –  like choosing […]

QRmovie Integrates QR Codes Into A Moving Image

Roger Smolski over at 2D Code never disappoints when it comes to spreading the word on QR, especially new applications and technologies surrounding them. If you don’t follow him on Twitter, you should @RogerSmolski. Here is his latest find… by Roger Smolski Nerdindustries (great name!), a German innovation lab based in Hamburg have developed a software […]

Ad Agency Rethinks Coffee Cup Sleeves As Newspapers

This campaign will be added to my list of things I wish I came up with. The brilliance here is that the initial audience is already there – coffee drinkers. They don’t have to first create coffee drinkers/customers/fans etc. The campaign only enhances the experience of having your coffee, which you are already having!  This […]

Cross Media Creates World's Largest Shoe Store

Take some scanners and a large digital screen, add a healthy amount of Augmented Reality and mix vigorously with Social Media. When compete, scan QR code, proceed directly to mobile checkout, and enjoy your news shoes the next day. You now have the recipe for buying shoes while waiting for your train.  

Vending Fridge uses QR codes & RFID to 'know what you took'

  ShelfX’s Vending Fridge nixes the cashier, uses QR codes, RFID to ‘know what you took’ By Joe Pollicino QR codes and RFID tags aren’t uncommon when it comes to automated payment applications, and now Colorado-based ShelfX has purposed them for its new wireless-equipped Vending Fridges. Eliminating the need for a cashier — or cash, […]