These are just a few examples of QR CODE FAILS that a bunch of people submitted to tumblr described as: Celebrating...

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NFC in QR Codes!

How do you solve the problem of wanting to use Near Field Communications (NFC) but there not being enough people using...

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QR Code to the Moon?

These didnt scan for me but my assumption is they are just not linked to anything yet as my Android did try it's...

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QR Code Grocery Shopping!

By Roger via QR Code Shopping at the Subway Station. A virtual grocery store in a subway station in Seoul, South Korea...

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QR Code Analytics

QR codes have started to pop-up in lot of places such as store display, business cards, online ads, postcards etc....

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Mark Twain’s often misquoted reply to a London newspaper correspondent in May 1897 “The report of my death was an...

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QR Code Awareness Survey

MGH has conducted an online survey to gauge awareness and usage of QR codes among smartphone users. The online survey...

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QR Code HOTEL! and More!

QR code hotel You did read it correctly, right now a hotel is being built, in an homage to the QR code. In Dubai,...

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