The Print Galaxy, GraphExpo, and Girl Power!

Hi! I’m Chloe and I’m a print addict. I admit it. If there is a show and there is printing involved, I have to be there. We just ended the week at Graph Expo in Chicago, and it was an amazing amalgamation of printing, software, announcements, introductions, catch-ups, and education. You don’t get this just […]

5 Take Aways From Graph Expo – And One Big Learning

2015 was my first Graph Expo So how would I find the show? Would I find myself in a strange parallel print world, where nothing was quite as I was used to? How would things compare to the UK? Would I understand your American accents?! The sign of a good print show is that you […]

GRAPH EXPO 15 MUST SEE ‘EMS Winners Announced

Congrats to all – but especially our GRAPH EXPO 2015 Intergalactic Alliance members: HP, Xerox, Scodix, Pitney Bowes and Avanti! See what they are bringing to Chicago, meet the rest of out Alliance and see what The Printerverse is all about here! GRAPH EXPO 15 MUST SEE ‘EMS WINNERS ANNOUNCED Reston, VA – The 2015 […]

Why Printers Should Attend A DAM Conference

I reached out to Henry Stewart to help me find a company that has helped PRINTERS successfully become Digital Asset Management service providers. When they put me in touch with Widen, it was quite a surprise to find out not only do they help Printers, they were a Printer! Widen saw a huge opportunity in the new DAM […]

Upcoming Events And Happenings In The Printerverse And Beyond!

I sent this as a group announcement to my LinkedIn group today, and it’s too packed with awesome event info NOT to share here too! Enjoy! Greetings Print Pro’s! Sorry to intrude on your Sunday but I am thinking you may have a little “quiet” time to read this and do a little clicking today. I will […]

Innovation, Personalization And The Cloud + More Predictions For Print In 2015

Greetings Earthlings, Prink Geeks and Citizens of the Printerverse! It’s a new year and while I am sure you have been planning for it, it’s always nice to hear some print prognostications from a wide range of industry pros. You can use this info to validate your direction or adjust it, seek out events to help […]

Print, The Gateway to Doing More Than Ever Possible?

By Jonathan McGrew, EDP When we get to this time of year (my birthday month), it always feels like it is the time to regroup on what has happened over the past 10-12 months. Call it birthday reflection… What I noticed this year watching the Print market and all of the print being produced is […]

Graph Expo 2014 – A Year For Celebrating

by Stephen McWilliam Executive Vice President, Avanti – As we were preparing for Graph Expo 14, we went through the typical process of deciding what the focus should be for us this year. Graph Expo is one of the larger shows that we attend, and it’s an opportunity for us to meet with some […]

Why You Should Be At GRAPH EXPO 14 This September

by Jonathan McGrew, edp Preparing for this year’s GRAPH EXPO got me thinking; in recent years trade shows have been challenged to grow—or at the very least stay the same size. Many shows have suffered the ill fate of declining attendance or, worse yet, shutting down completely. Shows like GRAPH EXPO and their management have […]

I Speak Print, Yes I Do! I Speak Print, How About You?

By Jonathan McGrew, edp In many ways Print still makes the world go round; if you consider all of the things we print today it is easy to see that it has its place and opportunities—even if the prediction of printing’s demise has been foretold for well over a decade. So I pose the challenge: […]