How to Attend drupa 2024 Without Leaving Your Desk

drupa 2024

There are lots of ways to participate in printing industry events without being there in person. An event I love to attend virtually is drupa. Yes, they spell it with lowercase letters – even though it’s the biggest and most uppercase print exhibition in the world. I’m going to tell you how I attended drupa […]

drupa next age: Platform for Networking and New Business

dna drupa dna drupa dna 2024 drupa print media centr deborah corn

  The special area drupa next age (dna) sets the scene for newcomers and young talents from the print and packaging sector in a targeted manner. With Deborah Corn and Frank Tueckmantel, drupa has enlisted two strong partners with longstanding industry expertise for organizing and designing this show-in-show for cross-sectional technologies.     Big ideas, small […]

Leveraging the Power of Digital Media to Grow the World of Print

image of digital media devices

The title sounds a bit like a paradox! But the idea came to me this cold winter morning as I sat with my parents pouring over old photo albums. The power of print to rebuild human connections. Every January I order photobooks of my Facebook photos. They select, print, and send me the album and […]

Are QR Codes Being Used Effectively In Direct Mail?

Are QR Codes and Direct Mail Effective in Marketing_print media centr-01

Last month’s Have QR Codes Finally Reached Their Glory Days? Blog post illustrated the resurgence of the QR code in marketing. When looking through my mail the other day I decided to take a look at how companies are using the QR codes in their direct mail. The following direct mails were analyzed from both […]

Lessons Learned from a Chic-fil-A Integrated Marketing Campaign

chic-fil-a integrated marketing campaign case study

Chick-fil-A Direct Mail Case Study – 10 Years Later I was just talking to a client this morning about using direct mail to drive consumers to retail stores and a Chick-fil-A integrated marketing campaign that I read about several years back came to mind. A quick web search surprised me that the campaign I was […]

Print (and the World) Needs Collaboration, not Division

print and digital media can work together

We are close to closing the book on a strange and difficult year. The pandemic, politics, and social issues seem to be forcing an already divided world further apart. But in the face of economic and personal hardships, there have been examples of humanity at its best, from frontline workers going above and beyond the […]

How to Make Business Decisions for a Wonderful Life

making business decisions for a happy life

A printer came to me with a dilemma. One of his customers wanted to buy his family printing business and turn it into an in-house print-design department. Since he had the only print shop in his small town, he felt a responsibility to stay independent and serve the community, just as his parents did before […]

Help Your Customers Improve Their Content Marketing Results with Print

print improves content marketing results

Content marketing started as an industry buzz word that has continued to gain popularity over the last decade. While it is usually associated with digital marketing, it is commonly accepted that John Deere’s print magazine The Furrow, in 1895. (No, that’s not a typo. Content marketing has been around for at least 125 years now.) […]

2020 Marketing Trends to Watch For Print Business Growth

grow with 2020 marketing trends

COVID-19 has brought us the future of digital marketing even faster than the rapid pace we were experiencing. These changes are not something we can wait out until things return to business-as-usual. This month I’ve looked at 2020 marketing trends and how a commercial printer can respond. When faced with unknowns, I look at what […]

Why Digital Marketers Like Direct Mail to Close the Deal

Digital Marketers Like Direct Mail to Close the Deal

Back in the 1980s, I met my future and current wife who grew up in the family print business. I loved walking around the shop and seeing, and sometimes feeling (I couldn’t help myself!), all the cool jobs flowing through the printing and bindery processes. But I was a design engineer. My world was numbers. […]