A Coffee Table Book for Your Company? Do Tell!

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Your business deserves the very best treatment in telling its story. Elevate it with print! Here’s why, and I believe this with all my heart: Print makes stories memorable. It gives ideas stature.  Statistically, most of us have written carefully-crafted information about our companies. Yet it resides only on our websites!  Why? What if you […]

Print Samples: Why You Need Your Own Magazine

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Many years ago, as we were getting ready for Drupa in 2012 one of the sales team members I was working with in Europe arrived with boxes of a very cool magazine, But it wasn’t just any magazine – it was one that had versions based on the target recipient. That magazine was Signal Etique […]

Print Samples: Love Letter to All Our Pals in Print

a multi color image of a retro Television with an antenna

Have you ever been specifying a print job and couldn’t remember how to spec an element? Do you want A4 or B4? How do you allow for bleed? What are the layer requirements to spec for multiple layers of varnish? There are so many options in print. Sure, you could go to dozens of websites, […]

Print Samples: Create Your Own Magazine

a multi color image of a retro Television with an antenna

When was the last time you told someone about a great magazine article you read online? For many, reading online is done in snippets between other activities, and the content seems more fleeting. And, then there are printed magazines. Those lovely to-touch pieces of print inform, entertain, and intrigue. We used to think that magazines […]

Print Samples: Xplor and The Personalized Magazine

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Have you been following the stories of innovation in magazines and catalogs? Articles will spotlight personalization and targeting, often implying that the techniques are new. But they are not! Twenty years ago, I was working with the team at Xplor International to curate the Xploration magazine and looking for ways to walk the talk of […]

The Compound Benefit of Raising Your Rates

“Marilee is distraught,” said my friend, “So I gave her your name.” My friend’s boss, Marilee, published a highly-targeted magazine, printed and mailed to a paid subscriber base. She wanted to talk to me not about her readers but about her advertisers.  Marilee had not raised her advertising rates — ever — although all her […]

Business Cards, Shoe Leather and Dscoop with Larry Vaughn

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Deborah spoke to Larry Vaughn, Strategic Account Executive at Thomas Printworks and one of the founders of Dscoop, at Edge Orlando in this Podcasts from the Printerverse episode. In this podcast Larry talks about his Dscoop session, which was all about educating attendees on how they can reach beyond their locality to become global printers […]

This Labor Day Thank Canada and the Print Industry For Your Day Off!

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I resurrect this post every year so we never lose sight that print and the printing industry has significant impact on society – sometimes even bigger than we realize. On Labor Day, while you are grilling away and sipping on a nice cold refreshing cocktail, don’t forget to take a moment to thank Canada and PRINT for […]

Quiet Paper Still Makes Noise in the Market

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If I appear in a photo, I look for myself first. Wait. Let me amend that. If I am aware I appear in a photo, I look for myself first. My uncredited guest appearances in the photographs of my wider digital “photo-footprint” are likely to stay beyond my vanity-driven review. I do the same thing […]

You Have WHAT on Your Bookshelf?

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Books. From the time we’re babies, they surround us, with their bright pictures, big words and thick cardboard pages to chew on. Who doesn’t love a good book? What lines your bookshelf will no doubt change and evolve throughout your life, but there will always be titles that withstand the test of time (and teething). […]

How Many Printers Does It Take to Print a Light Bulb?

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Q: How many Printers does it take to print a light bulb? A: You don’t know, you don’t print light bulbs… right? Because anyone can print a light bulb. You don’t want to be in the light bulb business. If you are, then you compete with everyone – including online discount light bulb printing factories. […]

You Can’t Go Wrong With A Printed Greeting Card

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Don’t you just love-love-love printed greeting cards on cool paper?  One of the things I love is about greeting cards is that someone else has created the design, thought up the message, chosen the paper, and printed it. Yes, blank cards and the cards you design and print yourself are wonderful, don’t get me wrong. […]