Rotolito Lombarda and HP PageWide Press Share Some Inkjet LOVE at Hunkeler Innovation Days


One of the biggest reasons I became a member of the HP Page Wide Press fan club is their customers. These daring, creative, and forward thinking printers took a leap into the land of inkjet possibilities long before the technology was in fashion. They pushed the boundaries of the expected and literally created applications with HP PageWide Presses that in […]

With Print Comes Power And Long Life

printed-history _ print-media-centr

My interest in history and my use of popular artificial intelligences have me thinking about how we extend our human selves in terms of power and existence through our technology. Clive Thompson’s Smarter Than You Think (which I wrote about here) informs these thoughts, and I hear whispers of Carl Sagan’s famous words on the […]

[VIDEO] HP and Webcom Present: OneBook Case Study

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HP, Webcom, and the authors of “Unsquaring the Wheel” discuss how digital printing driven by HP OneBook technology was used to produce customized copies of the book for Graph Expo. The panel will also dive into how these technologies can be extended to deliver books, journals, magazines and catalogs in any run length — even […]

What Are Your Olympic Printing Events?

CMYK Olympics - Print Media Centr

Hi! I’m Chloe! I can’t help admiring all of the Olympic athletes in Rio. They have passion and dedication, and they are showing the world their best. It got me to thinking that everyday we participate in a number of Olympic sports of our own as we go through tryouts, work to meet deadlines, wait […]

Will The Resurgence of QR Codes Have Value For Marketers?

AJSological-Snapchat-Snapcode Print Media Centr

This might be the only PMC post about QR Codes in 2016! The undead are ugly. This is certainly true of the shambling “walkers” on the cutting end of Michonne’s blades. But these guys were ugly back when they were alive and popular with marketing departments. We’re talking about QR codes.  Have you noticed chatter and […]

#drupa2016: The Hype, The Hope, And The Social Media Revolution


To paraphrase Jan Brady… “All I hear is drupa is so big, drupa is so great… drupa, drupa, drupa.” Well Jan, and anyone else who isn’t sure whether or not to believe the hype, get out a tall glass and get ready to guzzle down some drupa Kool-Aid, I’m pouring. To get you up to […]

WWDSD (What Would Dr. Seuss Do?)


As some of you might know, I have 4 kids under the age of 7. And that means I read a lot of children’s books. I mean, A LOT. Which is awesome. And as I have been reading them lately, and trying to come up with something to write about for Deb this month, a […]

Still Tight With People In Tights, But Floppy Print Isn’t A Fit

I’m enjoying a refreshed appreciation for printed books as a whole. After a few years of reading electronic books almost exclusively, the luxury of quiet paper bound for a single purpose feels very real. I relish still moments with hardcovers in particular. That said, I’ve mostly phased out the long-loved type of book that led […]

10 More Signs You Are a Print Junkie: #drupa2016 Edition


My first trip to the Messe to experience drupa has been quite an adventure. I came here with HP PageWide Press to help with some pre-show set-up, and will stay through June 10th reporting to you about the HP partners who have contributed to the amazing inkjet print we are producing on the show floor, and about everything […]

1/1 Interview with Sabine Geldermann – Director, drupa


Thanks to my new best friend Anne Meerboth-Maltz from Messe Düsseldorf North America, I was able to score an interview with Sabine Geldermann Director drupa & Global head Printing Technology, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH. Needless to say with drupa only 2 months away, I am extremely grateful that both of these amazing women took the time to share some cool […]

Print is a Lifestyle Choice, Part II

How Print Advanced Civilization and Expanded the Human Mind The famous Wendell Phillips wrote, “What gunpowder did for war the printing press has done for the mind.” From books, to articles, to theories, to how people view the world and life in general, civilization as it is today would be far different without the influence […]

Print is a Lifestyle Choice, Part I


Print and Neuroscience Emily Dickenson once said, “The brain is wider than the sky.” Of course she was right. The statement is as true today as it was then. The human brain is as much a mystery to us as are the cosmos. In fact, The Society for Neuroscience wrote on their website that “The […]