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Have you been following the stories of innovation in magazines and catalogs?

Articles will spotlight personalization and targeting, often implying that the techniques are new. But they are not! Twenty years ago, I was working with the team at Xplor International to curate the Xploration magazine and looking for ways to walk the talk of our electronic document-focused organization.

We had an idea that we could send every member a copy of the magazine that was personalized with their name and feature the information for their local affiliate chapter. It sounded like something we should be able to do because we all had experience with large variable data generation systems.

The reality is always a bit more complicated, but with the help of the team at Kodak and their new (at that time) Versamark inkjet printers, we met the mission! This episode talks about what we did, a bit of how we did it, and should give you some ideas. Afterall, we did this 20 years ago!

Watch this episode, or explore the whole 70+ playlist here.

If you have the coolest print sample among the work you have commissioned or produced, let me know. I am always looking!

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