High-Speed Digital Print and Finishing at Hunkeler Innovation Days 2023

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This international print industry event showcases innovations and further developments in high-speed digital print and finishing HUNKELER INNOVATION DAYS FEBRUARY 27 – MARCH 2, 2023 • LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND Learn more here HUNKELER LONG AND PROSPER! Deborah Corn is the Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse at Print Media Centr, a Print Buyerologist, international industry speaker and […]

Print Samples: Xplor and The Personalized Magazine

Personalized Magazines for organizations and associations _print media centr

Have you been following the stories of innovation in magazines and catalogs? Articles will spotlight personalization and targeting, often implying that the techniques are new. But they are not! Twenty years ago, I was working with the team at Xplor International to curate the Xploration magazine and looking for ways to walk the talk of […]

2018: A Year of Dividing and Conquering for Print

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Greetings Citizens of the Printerverse! It’s almost time to close the books on 2018 which means it’s a perfect time to look back at some of the subjects that drove discussions in the Printerverse this year, and what we can learn from them moving forward. Be prepared, it’s not all pretty. Print Customers. I couldn’t […]

Project Peacock Peeks: Applications with Canon Solutions America

Canon Solutions America Project Peacock Peeks

See some of the print possibilities with inkjet presses from Canon Solutions America. Step up your print marketing game… Peacock Long and Prosper! *********************************** Connect with Canon Solutions America: http://csa.canon.com Request print samples from Canon Solutions America: http://samples.printmediacentr.com *********************************** Project Peacock is produced by Print Media Centr. Connect with the Printerverse: https://printmediacentr.com Project Peacock Peeks […]

Tales From The Trail: #ProjectPeacock Saddles Up for Digital Print in Austin, Texas

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After successful meetings in 2017 with over 300 professional print buyers and creatives in NYC, Chicago, and the San Francisco Bay Area, Project Peacock saddled up and launched our 2018 tour last week in Austin, Texas. Me and my Peacock partners Canon Solutions America, Domtar Paper, Scodix and Miralupa, had 3 fantastic days of visits sharing printspiration with […]

[VIDEO} Survival of the Fittest: Bulk Up Your Margins with Inkjet

Bulk Up Margins With Inkjet Printerverse Print 17

Revenue growth through production inkjet is real, and it’s a technology every print shop should be discussing. Our Printerverse panelists will provide an overview of their inkjet technology, share how their customers are generating income and new print opportunities with inkjet printing, and give you a few reasons why theirs is the company to work […]

How Many Printers Does It Take to Print a Light Bulb?

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Q: How many Printers does it take to print a light bulb? A: You don’t know, you don’t print light bulbs… right? Because anyone can print a light bulb. You don’t want to be in the light bulb business. If you are, then you compete with everyone – including online discount light bulb printing factories. […]

Rotolito Lombarda and HP PageWide Press Share Some Inkjet LOVE at Hunkeler Innovation Days


One of the biggest reasons I became a member of the HP Page Wide Press fan club is their customers. These daring, creative, and forward thinking printers took a leap into the land of inkjet possibilities long before the technology was in fashion. They pushed the boundaries of the expected and literally created applications with HP PageWide Presses that in […]

Postcards From The Printerverse: 5 Events in 5 Minutes or Less

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Greetings Citizens of The Printerverse! It’s been quite busy over here at HQ. I’ve been on 5 diplomatic missions over the last 2 months, traveling and participating at events to gather information and make valuable connections for us. Your support gets me in those doors, so if you didn’t have time to follow along while […]

[VIDEO] Canon Solutions America Customer Panel

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Case Study Café with Canon Hear directly from customers how Canon is helping printers realize new opportunities with their digital printing and software solutions and services. This panel is very informative and gives insight into the beneficial partnership that is possible between a manufacturer and their customers.

[VIDEO] HP and Webcom Present: OneBook Case Study

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HP, Webcom, and the authors of “Unsquaring the Wheel” discuss how digital printing driven by HP OneBook technology was used to produce customized copies of the book for Graph Expo. The panel will also dive into how these technologies can be extended to deliver books, journals, magazines and catalogs in any run length — even […]

[VIDEO] Team Inkjet: Membership Has Its Privileges

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A candid discussion with HP, Canon, Xerox, and Ricoh about their inkjet offerings, what you need to know before you take the inkjet leap, customer inkjet successes, and why investment in inkjet technology is an investment in the future of print. Download the panel brochure PDF!