You Can’t Go Wrong With A Printed Greeting Card

Don’t you just love-love-love printed greeting cards on cool paper? 

One of the things I love is about greeting cards is that someone else has created the design, thought up the message, chosen the paper, and printed it.

Yes, blank cards and the cards you design and print yourself are wonderful, don’t get me wrong.

However, I know myself and my limitations.

If I think I am going to write a clever message inside a blank card….well, that blank card will become a dust covered card.

And as I say that, I have a stack of blank cards on my desk that will never be personalized and never be sent.

So thank goodness for printed greeting cards!

I have gotten to the point where I say: A sincere sentiment — even if written and printed by someone else — is far superior to no sentiment at all.

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Guess what else?

Greeting cards just keep getting better.

Here in Portland, we’re the city of jaw-dropping multi-color, multi-technique printing. We’re also the town that loves paper, letterpress, art, design, retro, mod, goth, farmhouse chic, high tech…you name it!

There are die cut cards, pop up cards, interactive cards, foil and embossed cards, and lovely plush letterpress printed cards that I have to buy once I touch them.

The chances of finding a card that meets the needs of the moment is pretty good.

I am proud to buy cards from our local card publishers. I love picking them up, feeling the card stock, and reading each one as I decide which to buy. I love seeing greeting cards on presses, scoring machines and folders when I visit print shops.

I love to drool over images of cleverly designed greeting cards on Instagram.

When I get samples from printing companies or paper reps, I gravitate to the greeting card samples. It’s my weakness.

Cards are cool!

In fact, printed greeting cards are a benefit to humanity. Okay, they are mostly a benefit to people like me.

Because without you, no cards would be sent, no sentiments would be shared, no stamps would be stuck, no printed cards would be mailed.

Thank you, printers and card publishers, for keeping greeting cards beautiful, cool, tactile, imaginative, and memorable.

Support print by buying and sending printed cards.

And, yes, please keep printing them!

Remember, you can’t go wrong with a printed greeting card!

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Sandy Hubbard is a marketing strategist for printing companies. She builds sales and marketing programs that can be sustained over the long haul, with affordable tools and your own people…and without stress!


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