Understanding what you need to know about technology’s next big game-changer, 3D printing. Chuck Hall, the inventor of 3D printer and founder of 3D Systems created this invention in 1983. Companies all over the world have been attempting to make the most innovative 3D printer. Entrepreneurs, startups and affordable machinery makes this industry evolve more rapidly. In fact, 3D printing technology is growing at a rapid rate.

1. Customization: Customers can contribute to unique designs. Flexible devices have better functionality to create more than what’s available. The 3D printing services can make items from digital designs.

2. Several Types of 3D Printing Technologies:
– Fused deposition modeling – printers melt a plastic filament and deposit the plastic in layers until it fills up the model.
– Stereolithography – use a laser to cure a resin and build the prototype one layer at a time.
– Selective laser sintering – lasers are used to sinter powdered metal, binding the powder together to create a solid structure.

3. Medical Equipment industry is one of the largest markets to embrace 3D printing by using a wide variety of applications from bio-compatible and drug-contact materials. 3D printers have created skull implants, dental teeth and organ replacements. Advances are being made in research and development with 3D printing based medical techniques.

4. People are making all kinds of things. Do you have a model in your own head? Well the next evolution of 3D printing will make it where customers can contribute to the design process. It is opening a new world that will change the lives of the average person in the foreseeable future. From phone cases to ceramics and home decor, there is an option for customization in every industry.

5. Accessibility: Prices are becoming more affordable with printing materials. Competition has increased in faster machines and results are better.

3D printing services are rapid and accessible to everyone. Explore things made from 3D printing. For the last half-decade, 3D printing will become the next revolution in manufacturing. This is a world-changing technology that introduced 3D printed objects.

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