Three Tech Trends for Print… in 2020 and Beyond

Three Tech Trends for Print… in 2020 and Beyond

Happy 2020! That number alone sounds pretty futuristic – I’m sure if our child selves were asked what 2020 will be like, many of us would have conjured up images of flying cars, robot helpers, and food replacement pills. Well, we’re not quite there with the flying...

Five Facts On 3D Printing

Understanding what you need to know about technology’s next big game-changer, 3D printing. Chuck Hall, the inventor of 3D printer and founder of 3D Systems created this invention in 1983. Companies all over the world have been attempting to make the most innovative 3D...

First 3D Printed Bump Key

Two German engineers have created a skeleton key, one that can open any lock, using 3D printing. This key has multiple grooves cut to the same length that will fit into conventional locks. Using 3D printing, keys can be created using accessible equipment. The...

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