Have QR Codes Finally Reached Their Glory Days?

Have QR Codes Finally Reached Their Glory Days_print media centr

QR codes have been used by marketers since early 2010. As smartphone adoption increased, phone manufacturers and marketers realized the camera on the phones could be used to scan the codes. The hope was that response rates would increase as consumers find scanning a QR code an easy way to respond to printed advertising. QR […]

A Hybrid World: Print and Extended Reality

extended reality and print marketing

Well, we’re not together again just yet. Who else is nostalgic for the naivety of spring, when we thought the situation might be short-lived? Now we’re in autumn, and I think many of us are a bit more pragmatic about the short-term and long-term impact of the pandemic. I have written before about how COVID-19 […]

Shopping in the Time of Corona: How Print and Tech Give Retail a Lifeline

Most of us are living very different lives than we were a few months ago. Even though the priorities in the grand scheme of things are stopping the spread of the virus, keeping people safe, and caring for those who are sick, it’s OK to miss the little things. Some of mine are: strolling around […]

The Omnichannel Generation – How Young People are Getting Social With Print

Has anyone checked their Screen Time report on their phone lately? I was deeply shamed by my iPhone this week. I’d like to say it was all long-form journalism and educational podcasts, but to be honest, too much of it is pointless scrolling through social media thanks to lockdown-induced boredom. I love being at home […]

Three Tech Trends for Print… in 2020 and Beyond

Happy 2020! That number alone sounds pretty futuristic – I’m sure if our child selves were asked what 2020 will be like, many of us would have conjured up images of flying cars, robot helpers, and food replacement pills. Well, we’re not quite there with the flying cars, (although the recent CES show did see […]

It’s Your DUTY to Make Print AMAZING

Can we please up our game? I yearn to see AMAZING print, but there are days when all I see is CRAPPY print. You see, I volunteer in the high school college and career center. When it’s slow, I file college brochures and viewbooks. New brochures flow into the center daily, and the annual view books […]

Are You Augmenting Your Sales Metrics With Reality?


Multi-sensory print with holograms. Beacons. Haptics. I’m a sucker for cool experiences enabled by technology. Feed me. Feed my geek. When it comes to marketing and print technology, I never go hungry for long. Perks for writing on Team PMC, and being a #PrintChat regular, include opportunities to make friends with techies and integrated marketing […]

[VIDEO] HP and Webcom Present: OneBook Case Study

hp onebook printerverse printmediacentr graph expo

HP, Webcom, and the authors of “Unsquaring the Wheel” discuss how digital printing driven by HP OneBook technology was used to produce customized copies of the book for Graph Expo. The panel will also dive into how these technologies can be extended to deliver books, journals, magazines and catalogs in any run length — even […]

Beacon Technology: The Next Wave of Interactive Marketing is Here

Print Media Centr - Radius - scan beacon

When I decided to write a column on recent use and discussion of QR codes, I knew I wanted to follow it with a piece about fresher technology that is used with similar intent. Beacon technology was the first thing that came to mind. I thought of beacons in part because several people I had […]

Use print to capitalize on the #PokemonGO craze


Do you know about PokemonGO? PokémonGO is a mobile app game that uses augmented reality to view the world through your phone and see Pokémon creatures. You capture the creatures, gain points for activities, and use your creatures to claim points of interest in your city. You get out in the world, walk around, and […]

Print is a Lifestyle Choice Part III


Print in the World of Marketing, Yesterday and Today Here we have reached the last, yet probably most relevant, segment of Print as a Lifestyle Choice. Last month we talked about how print revolutionized the world. It’s true that Gutenberg changed the course of human civilization with his invention of the printing press. How print […]

4 Signs A Printer’s Website Needs Refreshing

Your website often serves as the initial handshake between your company and your prospects. Are you serving up a strong and confident grip, or does it leave your visitors hoping for just a little bit more? I’ve recently spent a lot of time looking at the websites of various commercial printers, and I have to […]