drupa next age: Platform for Networking and New Business

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  The special area drupa next age (dna) sets the scene for newcomers and young talents from the print and packaging sector in a targeted manner. With Deborah Corn and Frank Tueckmantel, drupa has enlisted two strong partners with longstanding industry expertise for organizing and designing this show-in-show for cross-sectional technologies.     Big ideas, small […]

My 2021 Resolution: To Help More Printers Get More Customers!

how can I get more customers through digital marketing?

My name is ​David Murphy​ and I love to help printers bring value to new customers. In fact, it’s been my passion for over three decades (and I’m still young!) When I was in high school in the ‘80s, my friends worked in restaurants and mall stores. Those jobs were just not for me. So […]

Get Informed on Informed Delivery and Other Direct Mail Enhancing Opportunities

what is informed delivery from the USPS

Take a deeper dive into Informed Delivery and other direct mail enhancing opportunities that are available, and profitable! Topics covered: • How Informed Delivery works (the nuts and bolts) • Successful actions when launching direct mail with Informed Delivery • Leveraging Informed Delivery for increased campaign engagement • Postage Promotions for Informed Delivery • Do […]

Raise Your Voice: Conversational AI in a Multisensory World

Since joining the print industry as a trade journalist in 2015, I have walked many trade shows, attended many conferences, and experienced many incredible innovations. I look forward to a print event every time, and I love seeing technology both familiar and unfamiliar, faces both old and new. Earlier this year I had the pleasure […]

9 Superbly Simple Ways Printers Can Increase Email Newsletter Subscribers


When marketing with email newsletters, printers can get hung up on not having a big list of subscribers. My advice is to keep it simple. Make your email sign up superbly simple that it becomes a natural part of your normal marketing and promotion routine. Your list of email addresses is one of the most precious […]

Are You Augmenting Your Sales Metrics With Reality?


Multi-sensory print with holograms. Beacons. Haptics. I’m a sucker for cool experiences enabled by technology. Feed me. Feed my geek. When it comes to marketing and print technology, I never go hungry for long. Perks for writing on Team PMC, and being a #PrintChat regular, include opportunities to make friends with techies and integrated marketing […]

Appify Your Workflow!


We’re off to a fast start in the Wizarding World of Workflow 2017. The stars are telling us that this could be the year that more shops that are struggling with spreadsheets, sticky notes, and yellow legal pads might jump on board the workflow automation train. Why? Because the biggest bottlenecks we see in the […]

Beacon Technology: The Next Wave of Interactive Marketing is Here

Print Media Centr - Radius - scan beacon

When I decided to write a column on recent use and discussion of QR codes, I knew I wanted to follow it with a piece about fresher technology that is used with similar intent. Beacon technology was the first thing that came to mind. I thought of beacons in part because several people I had […]

Will The Resurgence of QR Codes Have Value For Marketers?

AJSological-Snapchat-Snapcode Print Media Centr

This might be the only PMC post about QR Codes in 2016! The undead are ugly. This is certainly true of the shambling “walkers” on the cutting end of Michonne’s blades. But these guys were ugly back when they were alive and popular with marketing departments. We’re talking about QR codes.  Have you noticed chatter and […]

Use print to capitalize on the #PokemonGO craze


Do you know about PokemonGO? PokémonGO is a mobile app game that uses augmented reality to view the world through your phone and see Pokémon creatures. You capture the creatures, gain points for activities, and use your creatures to claim points of interest in your city. You get out in the world, walk around, and […]

TRENDING: Today’s Startup Print Customers Are DEMOCOLLABORATING!

We’ve talked about how to woo start up companies and cultivate a love of print. Now that you’ve won a startup customer, there’s more work to be done. First and foremost, you need to understand and manage the “democollaboration” style of today’s young and new companies. Yes, I invented the term, and I’m going to use […]

APP Turns Your Phone Into a Lightsaber To Celebrate Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Lightsaber App Star Wars Print Media Centr

It’s times like these that you have to LOVE the “digitals” and the awesome things they can do – especially around the Holy Grail of Uber-GEEK fandom, Star Wars! This post is from Digital Synopsis, and the site is a great resource for advertising information, inspiration and fun, covering multi-channels. Check it out… but first, […]