Is Your Print Sales Team Holding You Back?

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In my work consulting with sales and marketing teams in printing companies, I hear a common refrain from the marketing side: “Sales reps want more print sales from leads, but they’re not converting the ones they have.” Sales managers agree that “lead burning,” as I call it, creates morale issues and generates antagonism between sales and marketing. In this situation, is the sales team holding the company back? Let’s find out. 

When owners call me to address a sales and marketing alignment issue, I find that sales training has been hit-or-miss and the lessons aren’t sticking. There’s no steady progress or cumulative benefit.

One way to get sales and marketing working in harmony is to hire the services of a certified sales trainer for regular and ongoing coaching. 

When working with a trainer, average sales teams become great, and great teams become outstanding. 

Large and small printing companies can benefit from a hands-on sales approach. Are these areas where you could use training? 

  • Sales discipline
  • Overcoming objections
  • Creating better habits
  • Accountability
  • Going after new markets
  • Prioritizing work for overwhelmed or newly hired sales managers. 

Without the ability to close sales, the reps waste the efforts of the marketing department.

That means marketing has to prove ROI by frantically counting every click, open, like, download, form completed, or inbound call. They can’t focus on the full cycle of customer acquisition and retention. 

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It’s no wonder those tasked with marketing tell me they feel stuck. Sales managers also say they’re overwhelmed and can’t get traction. 

If your sales team thinks they’re starving even though there’s a whole plate in front of them, that’s a problem we can solve.

How about your company? Is it time for a sales coach? 

To get started, we need to get honest answers from the sales and marketing teams.

  1. Are our numbers where they should be at this stage in post-covid recovery?
  2. Do we manage time and resources the way we should?
  3. Do we work as a team to sell bigger deals and achieve deeper customer relationships?
  4. Do we help prospects feel comfortable making purchasing decisions?
  5. Do we choose targets who have the authority to make buying decisions?
  6. Do we have a reliable method to follow up? 
  7. Do we use intriguing methods to stay in touch?
  8. Do we engage when and where buyers are receptive?
  9. Do we keep our marketing team in the loop? 
  10. Do we have habits and a positive outlook to uplift us so we feel like anything is possible? 

If the answer is no to any of these questions, you’re not fully capitalizing on your potential.

Bringing in a trainer can be a turning point to get sales and marketing working together like a well-oiled machine. Sales success gives everyone renewed hope. It energizes the entire company. 

Sales and marketing managers need to believe sales teams can get the job done.

Amazing things happen when we’re confident our teams are up to the challenge. 

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Sandy Hubbard is a Marketing Strategist and Business Advisor for the Printing Industry. She helps companies build successful marketing programs and create solid, repeatable methods of reaching new customers. Sandy produces #PrintChat, a weekly global forum for the printing industry. She is a monthly columnist and industry expert for the print industry — and a Certified Scrum Master, helping marketing and sales teams become more effective. 


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