Antigro Designer to Launch #WeAreDrupa Community Experience at drupa 2024

Kraków, Poland – Antigro Designer, a leading developer of print personalization and customization software for the print industry, is launching drupa’s first ‘printeractive’ community art project, #WeAreDrupa, which will be created in real-time in Hall 7 at drupa 2024.

Every drupa attendee and exhibitor will be able to scan a QR code, take a selfie, and create a cut-out sticker of their face with just a couple of clicks using Antigro’s newest product, Sticker Builder, a software for custom die-cut stickers. Once the image is uploaded, a Roland DG VersaSTUDIO BN2-20 will print the ready-made stickers for participants to collect and place their face alongside those of their fellow drupa visitors, before sharing the experience on social media. Thousands are expected to fill the vast #WeAreDrupa banner wall with their personalized selfie stickers over the course of the show’s eleven days. 

Marcin Majda, CEO and Co-founder, Antigro Designer, comments: “Antigro Designer is all about showing that with the right technology, customizing and personalizing print products can be easy, fast, and fun. That’s why the #WeAreDrupa experience is the perfect project for Antigro and our innovative Sticker Builder tool. Powered by Sticker Builder technology, the Roland DG VersaSTUDIO BN2-20 printer/cutter, and Print Media Centr spreading the word, we can’t wait to see the drupa wall come to life with the smiling faces of drupa 2024!”

Deborah Corn, Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse, adds: “After eight years without a live event, uniting and championing the drupa community is perhaps the most important part of my role, not just at drupa but as a global ambassador for the entire print industry. To every individual making the trip to Düsseldorf, whether for one day or eleven days, as a visitor or exhibitor, you are the reason that this event is so special. When you add us all up and bring us all together, that’s when the magic happens, and #WeAreDrupa is the manifestation of that magic. Being a part of this project and sharing the experience is a way of immortalizing your place in the drupa 2024 community.”

Sabine Geldermann, Director, drupa, comments: “The drupa team and I are so excited to see this community-focused project blossom. When we say ‘we create the future’, the ‘we’ is every person who exhibits, attends, or participates in drupa in some way as we all play a part in shaping the future of the print industry, so to see the drupa community celebrated and memorialized in this way is something extraordinary.”

Antigro Designer at drupa at a glance

  • #WeAreDrupa is a community-building project taking place exclusively at drupa 2024. Everybody at drupa is encouraged to participate by creating, printing, and placing their selfie sticker on the drupa banner wall in Hall 7
  • The Antigro Designer booth will be in Hall 7a, C21
  • Antigro will be showcasing Antigro Designer Print Customizer, a cloud-based print personalization service that allows users to upload, edit, and integrate designs into every kind of printed product
  • It will also present Sticker Builder, a software for custom die-cut stickers. It allows users to design custom-shaped stickers and labels by automatically generating the outline and cut lines in print-ready files
  • The DTF Gang Sheet Builder, a tool designed to automate the creation of sheets for DTF printing, will be presented on the Antigro Designer booth
  • Visitors can benefit from the Antigro Designer ‘Try & Buy’ initiative, sampling Antigro customization software for free by designing a custom shape pillow


About Antigro Designer

Antigro Designer is a technology that is increasing profit margins for print houses and e-commerce platforms through advanced, customized print solutions. This solution supports every printed product, automatically generating print-ready files tailored to the machines a business uses. It handles the front-end side, giving our clients’ customers the ability to design personalized products using predefined templates. This sophisticated tool supports an extensive range of products, suitable for every level of the printing industry, from small-scale businesses to large enterprises.

Among its flagship functionalities, Antigro Designer allows users to easily design and produce high-quality business cards with premium finishes such as gold and UV foils. The customizer also supports highly personalized all-over print apparel, including hoodies, trainers, and T-shirts, as well as complex multi-part items such as wall stickers, canvases, and intricate wedding invitations. This includes predefined templates, custom shape support, hood (and other parts) customization, clipart, and item packs. Additionally, it supports the creation of signs, banners, photobooks, calendars, puzzles, and a variety of other products including die-cut stickers thanks to the Sticker Builder module.

Thanks to its versatility, Antigro Designer can meet all enterprise needs in terms of product offerings and help businesses expand their offerings at no added cost. For B2B products like business cards, banners, and signs, the biggest advantage of the tool is the templates that the graphic design team of the print house can provide to end-clients. This allows their clients to customize within aesthetic templates. When clients choose an embellishment such as gold or UV foil, Antigro Designer generates multipage files or multiple files adjusted to the printer.

Among our clients, the sales ratio of canvases using a template that includes more than two pictures versus those with only one picture is an impressive 33:1. This significant disparity clearly demonstrates the skyrocketing demand for highly personalized products. Customers are increasingly seeking unique, customized options that reflect their personal style and preferences, and Antigro Designer is perfectly positioned to meet this growing market need, as the generation of highly personalized files uses the same amount of print house resources as one-picture-canvas files.

Antigro Designer also supports the personalization of boxes, including any type of boxes like FEFCO427. With the use of predefined templates and 3D preview, this tool is powerful for businesses of any size. As a highly specialized online product editor, Antigro Designer can be seamlessly implemented within two weeks without impacting SEO or search engine rankings. The implementation can be tailored product-by-product, thanks to its modular design.

About Print Media Centr

Print Media Centr provides printspiration and resources to our vast network of print and marketing professionals through online content, event support and coverage, Podcasts from the Printerverse, ProjectPeacock.TV, and an array of community-lifting initiatives. Print Media Centr also works with printers, suppliers, and industry organizations, helping them create meaningful relationships with customers, and achieve success with their sales, and content marketing endeavors.

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