Just for fun, I get together with copywriters, speechwriters, ghostwriters and all kinds of cool writer types. We practice persuasive writing as a group. We use games, prompts and timed sessions to keep ourselves “fit.”

Quick and confident writing. Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

tips for writing more effective communication

Whether you run a company, manage a sales team, or sell print, it can be tough to buckle down and write. It’s not that you’re bad at it — you probably are a very good writer — but it requires a different state of mind. Maybe a feeling of calmness or inspiration. Not so easy to access that state of mind right now. However…

In times of uncertainty and change, we must make time to write. 

Our customers, prospects, partners and those in the circle of influence around us really do want to hear from us. But we can’t just blunder in with our writing. We can use this time strategically to improve how we write.

Better writing allows us to be more effective. 

While communication of all types is important right now, there’s something different about the written word. For one thing, it’s deliberate. Writing signals your intention to be responsive and helpful. You’re not winging it or bouncing off someone else’s comments as you might on a phone call. You are not distracted or multitasking as you might be in a video meeting. 

When you write, your attention is on your reader. 

I believe that written communication is a form of respectful behavior, and for that reason, it’s likely to be well received by your customers in times like these. 

Furthermore, the process of regular writing helps us conceive, organize and crisply communicate ideas. These are skills that serve us throughout our careers, whether we are the print business owner or a salesperson. 

If you’d like to help your sales team be more nimble in their writing, it’s easy to get started. 

  • Set up a monthly sales meeting dedicated to writing.
  • Focus on specific skills the whole group can work on.
  • Make it fun, and have lots of prizes for participation.
  • Aim to finish meetings with tangible, edited communications that can actually be sent out. 
  • As we’ve all shifted to virtual meetings, I have found that these writing sessions work just fine as a remote process. If you’re interested, I have a list of tips on how to hold a timed writing session via Zoom.

In times of flux, keep communicating. Your words inform and educate. They attract, influence and persuade. They help you build trust and inspire confidence. 

Whether you are a print business owner, sales manager, or part of a sales team, this is a strategic time to work on your writing. 

Now buckle down and write!

(Is it especially hard right now to get focused and find the right words? Let me know in the comments below.)

Sandy Hubbard has been author and contributor at Print Media Centr since 2011. She is a Marketing Strategist and Business Consultant who serves print, publishing, and media businesses. Sandy helps clients build their businesses using solid, proven techniques and a systematic approach. She hails from a long line of printers, publishers, authors, and newspaper owners. For 22 years she published PrintersNWTrader, a magazine for the printing trade, counseling her readers about how to make better business decisions and grow in the evolving print landscape.

Connect with Sandy on LinkedIn and find her on Twitter at @sandyhubbard every Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET, leading or co-hosting #PrintChat with Deborah Corn of @PrintMediaCentr — Join in the fun at social media’s most popular chat for the global printing industry!

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