Print Samples: Pushing the Envelope

Pat McGrew Print Sample TV _Envelopes

The folks at the Envelope Manufacturer’s Association have a mission – envelopes. But it is more than that! They share ideas, compare notes on things like keeping staff motivated, finding staff, and finding that all-too-precious commodity – the paper and other substrates used to manufacture the envelope. At their last meeting, there were vibrant discussions […]

Print Samples: Xplor and The Personalized Magazine

Personalized Magazines for organizations and associations _print media centr

Have you been following the stories of innovation in magazines and catalogs? Articles will spotlight personalization and targeting, often implying that the techniques are new. But they are not! Twenty years ago, I was working with the team at Xplor International to curate the Xploration magazine and looking for ways to walk the talk of […]

Print Samples: Why You Should Use Postcards

Samples of Postcards Used for Marketing

Postcards are the lingua franca of communication. Even in today’s Instagram world, people send postcards when they travel. Businesses use them to find new customers and stay visible with current clients. Retailers use them to make offers and politicians use them to pitch their policies ahead of elections. Even governments use them to communicate deadlines, […]

Print Samples: Let’s Play with Playing Cards!

use playing cards creatively_print sample tv_print media centr

When was the last time you played with a deck of cards? Real cards, not the online solitaire version?  Over the last couple of years, I’ve found myself with decks of cards in my hands – real ones – that aren’t the traditional hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs, but instead are decks for learning and […]

Print Samples! Tell a Story with YOUR Business Card

sell your story with business cards_print sample tv_print media centr

Do you carry business cards? Some people have started to avoid them and exchange phone bumps to transfer contact details. Others take pictures of the card but don’t accept it to transport home. I’m an avid business card collector. They help me remember the contact and put some context around the conversations. Sometimes I run […]

Print Samples! The Jazz Fest Vibe

jazz fest poster_print sample tv_print media centr_Pat McGrew

Print-on-Demand has a certain vibe. It’s immediate. It’s vibrant. But it’s also not the way many printers work. In this episode of Print Sample TV, we had a chance to talk about a print that we’ve been sitting on since last year. It’s the 202nd edition of the amazing New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival […]

Print Samples: Unboxing Packaging for Subscriptions

unboxing packaging_print sample tv_print media centr_pat McGrew

There is nothing like getting a box in the mail, opening it, and discovering what’s inside. Whether you ordered something for yourself, received a gift, or stocked up on shampoo, there is still excitement in opening a box. Some companies get that and create an experience for their customers. At our house, we see BarkBox […]

Print Samples: Up Your Event Game with Playing Cards

create playing cards for marketing your business at a trade show

The title on this one spotlights FujiXerox, which is now Fujifilm Business Innovations, but the story still resonates. A while back the team held a partner event that needed a way to get attendees to visit the sponsor tables. The event planners built a plan that involved beautifully printed playing cards produced on the Iridesse. […]

Print Samples: 19 Crimes Taught Us AR with Story

How did 19 Crimes use Augmented Reality

When you have really great Australian wine to bring to market you face some challenges. Australian vineyards produce a pantheon of fabulous wines. To get noticed in the market you need a great story, and that is where the combination of great wine, an Augmented Reality platform, and some amazing storytelling came together, and 19 […]

Print Samples: Menus Make a Difference!

print samples of menus for restaurants

One of the early segments of PrintSampleTV featured an important marriage of content and paper embodied in a restaurant menus. Full disclosure! Our family owns three restaurants and because we are also in the print industry, we wanted to balance our needs with what might be new and interesting. When we create the segment called […]

Print Samples! Let’s Get Started!

videos showing print and marketing samples

Over the decades I’ve developed a love affair with print samples. It started back in high school when I worked in a print shop that had been in business since the 1700s. We ran a web press in house, though the newspapers were done over at Princeton Packet. Promotional printing and inserts were done in-house […]