Print Media Centr Visitors Pick The Best Posts Of 2015

Best of 2015-01Greeting Earthlings, CMYK Enthusiasts, and Print Media Centr Readers… Happy New Year! It’s a brand new year and no better time to look back and share some 2015 history with you. Here is a bit of statistical site info and some quick links for the top 10 posts on PMC in 2015!

PMC attracted readers from all over the planet with US, Great Britain, Netherlands, Canada and Germany, leading the pack.

Shout-out to new visitors from Swaziland, Liechtenstein, and Mozambique… thanks for stopping by! Other honorable mentions go to Kiribati, Marshall Islands and Lesotho for providing a geography lesson, and to a growing number of our peers and colleagues on the African continent who made PMC a regular stop in 2015.

42.3% of PMC visitors came through a Windows OS, 29.1% from Macintosh, 5.3% from iPhone or iPad, and balance other ways including SONY PlayStations. Shout-out to the 5,112 visitors who came through a Blackberry, and hope it worked out for you! That number is about half from 2014, so progress

Socially Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook respectively provided the most PMC referral traffic, however the RSS feed link for “Printing” on Guy Kawasaki’s All Top site topped the referral list – it pays to feed the aggregated content beast! My blog on Printing Impressions gets an honorable mention accompanied by a shout-out to PI for being an awesome industry resource. (Follow them @PIConnects)

Speaking of visitors, PMC had almost 2 million page views in 2015 with each visitor spending an average of 7 min and 20 secs on the site. January was our busiest month accounting for 343,480 of those views.


Here are our top ten posts in 2015 according to our visitor stats… 

10. Is There Diversity in the Graphic Communication Industry?

9. How Relevant Is Your Print To Me? (by PMC contributor Jonathan McGrew)

8. Colorfully Printed Menus Upsell High Ticket Items to Hungry Teens (by PMC Teen on the Street Ben Rutter)

7. Eco-Friendly Books Can Be Planted And Grown Back Into Trees!

6. Top 5 Tips for InkJet Success (guest blog by Pat McGrew)

5. 7 Ideas for Freshening Up Your Email Newsletter in 2015 (by PMC contributor Sandy Hubbard)

4. Keeping Print Alive For Generation Z (by PMC contributor Jennifer Grace)

3. Yes, Business Cards Still Matter, Here is Why… (by PMC contributor Roberto Blake)

2. The 2015 CMYK Manifesto: Invest In The Future Of Print

And the #1 post on PMC in 2015…

Innovation, Personalization And The Cloud + More Predictions For Print In 2015

Honorable Mentions:

Every post in my monthly #UKvUSA blogging duel with Matthew Parker scored big with hits and follow up DISCUSSION in 2015. Some of the topics caused uber-heated debates in my Print Production Professionals group on LinkedIn… Print people can be very passionate!

These two posts from 2014 had MAJOR traffic in 2015 – a reminder that good content has no expiration date!

Ten Sure Signs You Are a Print Junkie!

Bookmaking Part 3: Picking Paper And Grain Direction (blog series by Francis Atterbury)

The three most read interviews on PMC in 2015: (see all PMC interviews here)

1/1 Interview with Bill Borrelle, Brand Transformer and Strategist at Pitney Bowes

1/1 Interview With Dave Leskusky, NAPCO Media President And Visionary Agent Of Change

1/1 Interview With Roberto Blake: Pixel Pusher, Visual Problem Solver, YouTube Marketer


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Thanks for all the support of PMC in 2015, and I am looking forward to even more engagement with you this year, and beyond! PRINT LONG AND PROSPER!

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  1. I am thrilled to make the the list of “The Best Posts Of 2015” as chosen by Print Media Centr’s readers. 

    If you are looking for the newest trends in print and media, Deborah Corn’s newsletter, News from the Printerverse, is a great resource and you’ll get top posts such as the ones listed above delivered directly to your inbox each month. All the contributors work hard to make sure the content is topical, relevant and fun.

    Congratulations to all the top bloggers, including my son, Ben Rutter!