drinkable-book-3-print-media-centrAlthough this book is great example of re-thinking print, I don’t want the true subject matter to get lost and please be warned the video shows some pretty horrific potability situations. To learn about WaterisLife and help with their mission visit here.

With that being said, it is a magical thing when a book can save lives. We hear many stories from uber-successful people who have overcome adversity and were inspired through reading, and see on TV how literacy can change the course of families, communities, cities and nations.

Through science, through invention, through design and through print… This book has the power to provide the one thing we all need to live, to the millions who don’t have it… clean drinking water.

Thanks to John Mascari, Executive VP, Specialty Finishing Group for sharing this post with me. The video will explain the process and everything else.


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