Print Media Centr Visitors Pick The Best Posts Of 2014


Greeting Earthlings, CMYK Enthusiasts, and Print Media Centr Readers… Happy New Year! It’s a brand new year and no better time to look back and share some 2014 history with you. Here is a bit of statistical site info and some quick links for the top 10 posts on PMC in 2014!

PMC attracted readers from all over the planet with US, Netherlands, Great Britain, Canada and India leading the pack. Shout-out to the two people in Togo, and one person from Eritrea (had to look it up and yep, it’s a country in the horn of Africa next to Sudan) for stopping by! Other honorable mentions go to Lesotho, British Indian Ocean Territory and Northern Mariana Islands for providing a geography lesson, and to the 37 people from The Vatican who visited us –  if it was you Pope Francis thanks… and tweet me!

52.5% of PMC visitors came through a Windows OS, 31% from Macintosh, and 738 came through a SONY PlayStation. Shout-out to the 17,646 visitors who came through a Blackberry, and hope that worked out for you!

Socially, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook respectively provided the most PMC referral traffic, however the RSS feed link for “Printing” on Guy Kawasaki’s All Top site topped the referral list – it pays to feed the aggregated content beast! Rebel Mouse and PI World’s Printings Best Blogs get honorable mentions and thanks for referral traffic, though honestly I have no clue how Rebel Mouse came into the picture, how it found PMC, or what is it actually doing (besides sending people over!).

Speaking of visitors, PMC had 2,538,569 page views in 2014 with each visitor spending an average of 5 min and 38 secs on the site. August was our busiest month accounting for 495,362 of those page views – I guess the Europeans were catching up on blog posts while they were all on vacation!


Here are our top ten posts in 2014 according to our visitor stats… 

10. A Few Quick Tips For Choosing The Best Paper For Your Printing

9. The CMKY Manifesto: Re-Think Print in 2014

8. Creating Relationships with Personalized Direct Mail (by Randy Hardy for locr maps)

7.  A Dr. Seuss Inspired Guide to Twitter from @Hootsuite (infographic by Hootsuite)

6. This Barbecue Book Literally Helps You Cook (and clean and sharpen your knife and more)

5.  New Print Ad Can Keep Track Of Kids At The Beach With App

4. Open the Door with Email, Clinch the Deal with Print (by PMC contributor Sandy Hubbard)

3. Print Ad Drives “LIKES” To Your Facebook Page

2. Getting Real With The Perception Of Print On #EarthDay

And the #1 post on PMC in 2014…

Ten Sure Signs You Are a Print Junkie!

Honorable Mentions:

The 11th most read post was: Everything You Need To Know About Sizes And Signatures When Bookmaking and it’s getting a mention since it was only posted a few weeks ago and attracted almost 5,000 readers so far.

These two posts from 2013 had MAJOR traffic in 2014 – a reminder that good content has no expiration date!

Dita Von Teese Models 3D Printed Dress

How To Create A Successful Public Relations Campaign For Your Business (by Marion Williams-Bennett)

The three most read interviews on PMC in 2014: (see all PMC interviews here)

1/1 Interview With Don Carli On Printed Electronics And The Future Of Packaging And Design

1/1 Interview With Francis Atterbury, Bookmaking Pioneer And Craftsman At Artisan Books

1/1 With Thaddeus Kubis – Author, Guide To Integrated Marketing And Media Convergence

Best 2014 blog series:

My monthly #UKvUSA blogging duel with Matthew Parker takes first place, and Im happy to say it will continue in 2015! Honorable mention goes to the 4-part “Bookmaking” series from Francis Atterbury of Artisan Books!

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Thanks for all the support of PMC in 2014, and I am looking forward to even more engagement with you this year, and beyond! PRINT LONG AND PROSPER!