For as long as I can remember, the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. has been the Olympics of retail shopping in malls and stores. When the clock strikes 5 am (or some ungodly hour before dawn) thousands of in-store shoppers go gang-busters for doorbuster deals on electronics, winter clothing, holiday gifts, and more.

Stores make so much money on this day it can take them out of the ‘red’ and put their profits in the ‘black’ for the quarter, even the year… but not this year. With social distancing still prevalent and a substantial, documented history of shoppers losing their minds and breaking down doors and nearly rioting over big-ticket items like TV’s and game consoles, Walmart, Target, Costco, IKEA, Best Buy and more have announced they are canceling #BlackFriday this year. Safety, over in-store shopping.

Black Friday sales and marketing strategy

Now, this is America and if there is an opportunity to make money, especially this year with most sales down for everyone, it will be found… or created.

Many of the aforementioned stores will take #BlackFriday sales online as early as a week before Thanksgiving. Imagine alllllllllll of that internet traffic, imagine allllllllllll of those displaced, deal-loving, shopping-fanatics who will be searching and clicking and buying online.

Where will you be? Where will your customers be?

For several months I have been hammering home that direct mail + digital marketing = print shop survival. With #BlackFriday canceled, internet traffic about to explode, and the USPS offering a Mobile Shopping Promotion with postal discounts, the time is literally NOW to learn how or partner up and get in on the cash flow.

The presentations below and the people in them can help you make decisions about your future… including how YOU can use digital marketing to promote your business and create your own #BlackFriday sales!

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Print Long and Prosper!

#ProjectPeacock Postal: Making the Most of Your Marketing Mail

Get Found. Get Clicked. Get Customers!

ReMarketing + ReTargeting = MORE Revenue

Get Informed on Informed USPS Delivery – And Other Direct Mail Enhancing Opportunities


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