World's First Print-on-Demand Newsstand Being Tested In Sweden

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while that is purely PRINTtastic! Step up to the machine, pick your pub, push print, and viola’ – within two minutes your freshly printed magazine drops into the pick-up slot! Genius!

I am totally a buy a magazine and a pack of gum before getting on the plane person. I dont e-book or e-mag and not because I have anything against it or Im trying to make some support print point, I just stare at at screen more than I don’t and flying is my retina recoup time. This awesome concept and machine allows me to still have my print, the publishers to have another channel to sell their products and not have as much “waste” in the form of mags not sold, and supports the consumption and the medium of print in one of the hardest hit segments.

The article below goes into specs and if all goes well in Sweden we might just see these MEGANEWS kiosks in supermarkets and airports in the future… and come on, isnt just nice to say FUTURE and MAGAZINES for a change! Thanks Ricoh!

World’s first print-on-demand newsstand uses Ricoh tech

By Jez Abbott  

print-on-demand-ricoh-sweedenA prototype billed as the world’s first print-on-demand newsstand is using Ricoh technology and may be rolled out in the UK.

Meganews vending machines have internet access and can print more than 200 magazines and journals in real time. Titles spool off a Ricoh Pro C751 digital press and the tech is being trialled in airports and supermarkets in Sweden, said a spokeswoman for the manufacturer.

“It takes only two minutes from making a purchase until a freshly printed magazine drops down the hatch,” she said. “The solution reduces publishers’ costs for distribution and logistics. It is also more environmentally responsible, as it saves transportation.

She said the spec of the kit used for the vending machine was no different from existing Pro C751s and print was no less glossy. The machine uses vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers for 4,800dpi images on chemical toner. The process involves oil-less technology.

“The printing technology inside is currently the Ricoh Pro C751,” she explained. “Ricoh has met the needs of Meganews to ensure the printer fits inside along with the finishing, but the specification and product is the same.

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